We currently have two national programs in place: The Franklin D. Watkins Award and The Pre-SAT Program.

The Watkins Award

The Franklin D. Watkins Memorial Trophy Award was initiated in 1992 to promote academic excellence among young African-American males. Since 1992, high school seniors have been honored with the title “Premiere African-American Male Scholar Athlete”. Click here for more information on the award.

The goal of this program is to help students learn how to take the exam known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test or S.A.T. The Alliance’s Pre-SAT Proegram is directed toward two sets of students:

Students who might be interested in attending college but would not be able to afford to attend the preparatory fee-based S.A.T. instruction programs.  Student athletes who might be eligible to attend a college based on athletic ability but might be hindered by S.A.T. scores with regard to NCAA eligibility regulations.

During the program students take a practice S.A.T. exam learn strategies to help them improve their scores. They also receive a take home test booklet for additional study.

After taking a practice test students receive an analysis of the results indicating strengths and weaknesses. A copy is sent to the student or school.

Richard Yeargin

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The National Alliance of African American Athletes was founded in 1989. The vision of The Alliance is to be the preeminent organization helping youth achieve academic excellence and reach their highest potential. The mission of The Alliance is to uplift and mentor youth, focusing on African American males, through programs that prepare students for college; leveraging athletes as catalysts to inspire leadership, while recognizing and rewarding academic, athletic, and community excellence.

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Duke bound Rakavius (Rah) Chambers, Opelika High School, Opelika, Alabama will represent the 2017 Franklin D. Watkins Class.

Rakavius at 6'3", 275 pounds has a 4.3 GPA


Since 1992 The Alliance has presented The Watkins Award to promote academic excellence among young African-American males. The Watkins Award has become the preeminent award bestowed on the top High School Scholar Athlete in the Nation. The finalists are chosen based on their:

  • Unweighted grade point average

  • Their personal statements

  • Extra-curricular activities

  • Community service

  • Letters of recommendation


Former finalists include:

Justin Reed, Stanford University
Bobby Okereke, Stanford University
Frank Buncom IV, Stanford University
Richard Yeargin, Clemson University  Champion 2017
Bryce Love, Stanford University

Brandon Burton, UCLA

Dwayne Haskins, The Ohio State

Messiah deWeaver, Michigan State

Juwan Hill, University of Texas

​Daylon Mack, Texas A&M

​Brandon Hill, Duke University

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